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Connect with Your New Community

As you put down roots in your little corner of Mexico, you are likely to discover other norteños, both American and Canadian, have broken trail in your community. Whether you are researching your move from the USA or Canada to Mexico, or have or have already relocated to Mexico, these sites have first-hand insights to share:

Expat Links for Living in Mexico

Expat Blog also has a forum; read posts by others or sign up to ask your own questions.

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A popular book for people thinking about moving to Mexico is Ken Luboff's Living Abroad in Mexico, available from Amazon in paperback, or digital for your Kindle.

If you'll buy a home in Mexico, you may need to learn about the fideicomiso; if you want to stay in Mexico for periods longer than six months, you also need to learn about the FM-3 visa.

In the markets, you'll be speaking Spanish and you will need to deal with metric units. The food page has practical references and conversion tools for temperature and units, Spanish names of spices, and links to market and currency resources.

Stay Awhile – Learn the Language!

Even if you never reach fluency, you'll open doors and minds, even touch hearts, by improving your facility with Spanish. The books below are popular Spanish language learning resources for Americans or Canadians in Mexico. Also see language resources on the tools page.

We can insure your condo, townhome or home anywhere in Mexico.

Tax Considerations

Please consult your tax advisor on the implications of living in Mexico.

What to do if a loss occurs