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Novamar Insurance México


Satisfy your wanderlust and explore Mexico with the uttermost travel insurance!

Plan Nova-Platinum

Alert: You must use your complete name as it appears on your passport
Date of birth of each traveler (up to 5 passengers)

Nova Platinum
$ /For all

Travelers information


Coverage Value
1. Medical expenses for accidents and/or sickness (Domestic) Up to USD 6.000
1. Medical Assistance for accidents USD 450.000
1. Medical Assistance for COVID-19 included in medical expenses per illness Up to 70 years*
2. Medical Assistance for sickness not preexisting USD 450.000
1.2 Health transfer and / or sanitary repatriation Included
3. Prescription medicines Included
4. Dental expenses Up to USD 1.000
5. Transfer of family member in case of hospitalization * Included
5. Transfer of a relative and hotel expenses USD 2.000
6. Hotel convalescence expenses USD 1.000
8. Repatriation of mortal remains Yes
10. Early return due to illness of the holder Included
11. Early return due to serious disaster at home Yes
12. Trip delay for more than 6hrs Up to USD 300
15. Substitution of executive Yes
16. Emergency message transmission Included
17. Assistance in case of lost documents Yes
18. Pre-trip information line Yes
18. Concierge Service Included
19. Compensation loss luggage. USD 2.000 (supl.)
20. Delay of luggage 6hrs Up to USD 800
21. Emergency cash transfer USD 5.000
21. Emergency cash transfer for bail USD 15.000
23. Life insurance for accidental death in public transportation No
24. 1º medical assistance for preexisting medical condition (Domestic) USD 800
24. 1º medical assistance for preexisting/chronic medical condition USD 5000
25. Deductible (USD/Franchise for kilometers) No / 100Km
30. Medical assistance in cruise Yes
33. Medical care for pregnant women in case of complications up to the 26th week of gestation Included
Psychological Assistance Yes
Prostheses and Orthoses Up to USD 10.000
Luggage Tracking Included
Trip cancellation / interruption costs with restriction of causes (up to 70 years) ** USD 2.000
Legal assistance in case of accident USD 4.000
Age limit 70 Years old
Provisional passport expenses USD 150
Territorial Validity International / National
Complementary days in case of hospitalization 10 Days
Teledoctor (telemedicine) Included
* Medical Assistance for COVID-19 for passengers from 65 up to 70 years will be covered up to USD 30000

If you have a trip coming up, we will help you find the travel insurance fit for your travel patterns!

The most comprehensive coverage with limit of 450,000 USD per accident, no deductibles neither copayment. We will help you ensure a stress-free trip with our Premium travel insurance plan, underwritten by terrawind.

Be prepared for a medical emergency or a disease on your trip, you just call the 1-800 of your insurance policy and receive the directions on how to proceed to the nearest hospital and clinics.

The coverage includes COVID, trip cancellations, extra expenses for trip delay, expenses for family members among other benefits.

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Advantages of purchasing travel insurance with Novamar Insurance México

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Novamar Insurance México