Travel Insurance

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

Travel to Mexico with the best travel coverage that includes direct payment with best hospitals and doctors in the city of your destination. In case that you have an accident or disease, you just call the 1800 of your insurance policy and will receive the directions and how to proceed to the nearest hospital and clinics. The coverage includes COVID, trip cancellations, extra expenses for trip delay, expenses for family members among others. You have negotiated the best plans with the top insurance companies:

Travel Medical Protection Insurance

Travel Medical Protection

We offer two coverage limit options; $20,000 or $50,000 U.S. This should be a sufficient amount of money to take care of Medical or Dental Emergencies while travelling in Mexico.

Travel Protection Insurance


  • A stand-alone medical transport policy – ‘Real Insurance’ that gets your client to their home hospital and not limited to Nearest Adequate Facility
  • Return to your client’s hospital, healthcare network, physicians and back to their family