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Medical Professional Liability for Doctors and Hospitals

Medical Professional Liability for Doctors and Hospitals

Novamar Insurance Mexico has met its 4th year in this industry, under which we have been able to create large business ties with many of you, always looking for the best possible way to satisfy your insurance needs. After 4 years in this industry, we understood how important it is to offer a Professional Liability for doctors and hospitals with coverage in both Mexico and the U.S.

It is for that same reason that we share with you our Medical Professional Liability for doctors like you, who are continuously exposed to risks and unforeseen events

This policy not only covers the injuries caused to third parties, but also against malpractice, with exclusive benefits and coverages. These are some of them:

  • Legal expenses – Legal fees covered
  • Extensions to demands from abroad
  • It includes damages for anesthesia (use of tools, equipment and substances)
  • No deductibles (except for claims abroad)
  • It includes medical substitute and nursing staff
  • Patient transfer expenses – included
  • Expenses for treatments at home – included
  • Sum insured from 1 and up to 5 million pesos per year
  • Protection by verifying the claims data

The following chart shows some examples of premiums and insured amounts offered by GMX:

gmx seguros
Insured amount (pesos) Total annual premium (pesos)
$3,000,000 $11,600
$5,000,000 $15,100

GMX has the experience of more than 250,000 insured physicians, the most prestigious hospitals in Mexico, and of course, the consolidated and efficient infrastructure to meet all claims

The purchase process of this policy is very simple, and includes a certificate from Novamar Insurance Mexico, a Founding Member of the Board of Medical Tourism in Mexico.