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Fondo para la Paz

Community Back

Novamar understands the importance of solidarity and activities that need to be done to help our community. We are very proud to contribute and work with Fondo Para la Paz who is committed to help the poorest communities in Mexico and make solid changes in people’s lives.

Fondo para La Paz is a Mexican non-profit organization founded in 1994. Their mission is to improve the well-being of many rural communities by increasing their capacity to generate their own life conditions. In these communities, the population is predominantly indigenous and lives in poor conditions and in some cases extreme poverty. Fondo para la Paz collaborates with the communities producing projects that are including, participative and sustainable to create long-lasting solutions to their principal limitations for development. Fondo para la Paz strives to be a lead factor in eradicating poverty in Mexico.

We invite you to lend a hand with the reconstruction of 15 schools in the affected areas of Oaxaca and Chiapas by clicking the link below and making a donation. Thank you!