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Travel Insurance for Mexico

Published Date: Jul 01, 2021

Travel Insurance for Mexico

Visit Mexico with the peace of mind that setbacks will be covered.

The best experience when traveling is when everything goes as planned, but when does that happen?  With a Mexico Travel Insurance Policy, the inconveniences that can occur in even the best planned trip are covered. The trip begins when you start planning, making reservations, and make several prepayments.  The incidents that can occur from that moment are several and can be covered by your Mexico travel insurance policy, backed by the best international insurers.

Before leaving home – Trip Cancellation

Several situations can arise for which the trip must be canceled: illness or accident, loss of employment, the death or illness of a direct family member, fire, earthquake, or hurricane in my destination or at home, from that moment on, you may already have incurred the expenses of plane tickets, hotel reservations, tours, etc. The cancellation of the trip for these and other causes are covered in the Mexico Travel Insurance Policy, and the insurance company returns these expenses made before your departure.

 During your trip - Flight delay and/or loss of luggage

One of the most common stories is that your luggage ended up in a different location than you did!  Expenses related to this delay and/or loss of luggage is covered in your Mexico Travel insurance policy. If bags are lost due to flight delays, additional expenses are covered in your travel insurance as well.

 Arrival at the destination

This is the central part of the trip and where you want to only have peace, fun, entertainment, adventure, the best experience. However, you face a series of risks that fortunately almost never happen, but when they do occur, they can mark you for life or at least spoil the trip for one or all of your companions. Let's look at some of them and how your Mexico Travel Insurance Policy protects and solves these problems for you.

 Accidents and Diseases

This is one of the most used coverages. From a shellfish indigestion, a fall off a ladder, or on the dance floor, a cold that develops into pneumonia. Keep in mind that there are also places in Mexico where it is very cold and are often frequented by tourists, such as Copper Canyon in Chihuahua.  Accidents can happen anywhere. Well, even hitting the leg of the bed with your small toe (that does hurt).  You may also become ill or have an emergency or critical condition due to a pre-existing condition.  The Mexico Travel Insurance Policy provides you with access the best hospitals and clinics in the whole country so your condition is attended to and you do not pay anything out of pocket.  That is, payment is made direct by the insurance company to the hospital.  It is important to mention that this policy does not cover the continuation of a treatment of a pre-existing disease, but it does cover immediate attention in case of an emergency.  In addition to having access to this network of hospitals and clinics, the insurance company, if necessary, can send a doctor to the traveler's home, either in a hotel, house, or condo you are renting.  In case the patient needs to go to a hospital to be treated outside the area of the accident, the costs of the transfer are also covered in your Mexico Travel Insurance Policy.

 You travel with minors and that have had an accident on the trip. Who takes care of them?

In this case, they also cover the costs of transferring an adult from their family or friends to take care of the minors.  And in case they had to be taken back to their destination, the extra expenses that have arisen as a result of the accident are also covered.

 Damages to third parties – advice from a local attorney

Another situation where the Mexico Travel Insurance Policy can be a big help is when you need the support of a lawyer for an incident where a tourist is involved. It can be from a road accident, a fight, an accidental fall of the surfboard, etc. We are exposed to all kinds of risk. If any of this should happen, the insurance company assigns you a local attorney who will work to defend you and pay any damages that have been caused to third parties.

 TERRAWIND – Insurance and traveler assistance company.

These policies are issued by the international company Terrawind Global Protection, an insurance and traveler assistance company established in 1987, in Paris France, under the name Coris Group. In 2010 it became April Group and in 2019 it was acquired by the Terra Protection Group in the United States. Terrawind is registered in Mexico with the Mexico Insurance Department (CNSF).

Bottom line it is important to purchase the Travel Policy from a company like Novamar Insurance Mexico that has an office and licensed insurance agents and a dedicated Claims Department in Mexico to help you addressing any problem during your vacation.

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