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Reforestation in Mexico.

Published Date: Aug 19, 2019

Reforestation in Mexico.

Mexico is a country that has a great biodiversity thanks to its different types of climates and reliefs making it one of the best countries with natural wealth, even when it comes to reforestation its land gives us effectiveness and optimal response with favorable Results.


Although, on the other hand, unfortunately its exploitation in these eco-systems has been unreasonable over the years, which is why its huge forest and plant territory has been a target for many companies.

Mexico loses more than 600,000 hectares of forest according to FAO, which today makes it a catastrophic problem. It is by fact that it is impossible for these areas to recover on their own naturally, there are activities and / or resources that we can carry out for the recovery of these areas or at least to help our planet.

Tree felling

Tree felling

We know that trees, plants, pines, etc., give us excellent air quality, are reducing pollutants that harmfully affect our health and the environment, they are excellent sound protectors since they function as a buffer of the impact of sound waves, causing noise reduction in urban areas, they are those who maintain warm and refreshing air, extraordinary producers of shade and without neglecting that they are a fundamental element to adorn any place in rural areas.


Let us not overlook these kinds of events, it is of greater importance to intervene in the face of these enormous actions that bring us close to very risky consequences, let us not wait until it is too late to have the initiative, it is time to contribute with our grain of sand.

Reforestation is in our hands!

Here are some tips for reforestation in Rural Areas:

Planning process. 

  1. The correct selection of species on the site to be reforested. It is used to determine what adverse environmental factors you will face for successful reforestation.
  2. A good system of plant production and transport of plant to the site to reforest. 
  3. Plant at the right time to ensure the highest percentage of survival of the species.


Schedule of activities. 

It is important to keep a temporary control of the activities to be carried out during the reforestation program, as it allows for follow up on the established work plan.  Some of the work leading up to reforestation is to prepare the soil site where reforestation will be done in order to ensure better survival and facilitating the work of planting. 

Plantation design.                               

It is important to consider that the distance between plant and plant will depend on the spacing that the species must suit as an adult, considering that in its juvenile stages the plantation must have at least twice the density of that in adulthood.


It is important to state that the reforestation process does not end at the time of planting, as all plants may die if adequate protection and maintenance measures are not put in place.


These are some tips that will serve you when planting a tree or any plant, keep in mind that how much or little we manage to plant, adds benefits to the environment, we make reforestation an ordinary activity in our lifestyle  we are in time to return to our Earth what we have stolen from her over the years.


Don't stay behind and help with reforestation!

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