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Hydrometerological phenomena coverage in Mexico

Published Date: Apr 09, 2019

Hydrometerological phenomena coverage in Mexico

Mexico is a country vulnerable by its geographical location to natural phenomena, the impact of these events has significant economic and social repercussions. The rain and hurricanes season is fast approaching, it's time to take preventive measures and secure your heritage/Patrimony.

This coverage includes the material damage caused by the following  Hydrometereological events:

Mud Avalanches
Mud sliding caused by floods or rains.

Frozen precipitation that falls with force in ice grain form. Under this concept in addition the damages caused by the obstruction in the pluvial water slopes will be covered.

Consisting of climatic phenomenon the unexpected reduction of the room temperature at inferior levels to the point of freezing of the water in the occurrence place.

Flow of water and air of great magnitude, moving in trajectory circular around a center of low pressure, on the marine or terrestrial surface with equal or greater tip speed of winds to 118 kilometers per hour, that has been identified like so by the organisms officially authorized for that intention.

The accidental temporary cap of the ground by water, as a result of deviation, underflow or breakage of the retaining walls of rivers, channels, lakes, reservoirs, pools and other deposits or water obstacles to opened sky, natural or artificial.

Flood by Rain
The accidental temporary cap of the ground by rainwater consequence of the unusual and fast accumulation or displacement of water originated in extraordinary rains that fulfill anyone of the following facts:
- that rains at least reach 85% of the weighed average of the historical maximums of the zone of occurrence in the last ten years, agreement with the procedure published by AMIS, measured in the nearer weather station, certified this one by the National Meteorological Service of the National Commission of the Water, or
- that the flood that it damaged the assured goods has covered at least one hectare.

Alteration of the sea that is pronounced with one on elevation of its level due to a meteorological disturbance that combines a diminution of the atmospheric pressure and a sharp force on the surface of the sea produced by winds.

Ocean Surge
Violent agitation of waters of the sea as a result of a shock of the bottom, that propagates until the coasts giving rise to floods.

Snow Fall
Crystal precipitation ice in form of flakes.

Stormy winds
Winds that at least reach the category of tropical depression according to the Beaufort scale or superior to 50 kilometers per hour.  The applicable cover will be that that originates in form immediate the direct damages to the assured goods, independently of the meteorological phenomenon that originates them.

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Novamar Insurance México