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Novamar Insurance México
Apr 16 2019
FIC Puerto Vallarta

FIC Puerto Vallarta International Film Festival 2019

The International Film Festival arrived in Puerto Vallarta (FICPV) this year for its 19 year! It Is the most important cinematographic event occurring in our ever growing tourist destination. This year our invited guest of honor was the country of Chile.

May 14 2019
Road Trip

Planning a road trip? Follow our advice

Traveling on the road can be one of the most enjoyable experiences, but remember that responsibility goes ahead of everything, follow our tips that will help you to make your trip safe and fun.

May 21 2019
Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

The great hospitality and quality of services makes Mexico be considered one of the most important medical tourism destinations in the world. It counts with major specialties such as; gastroenterology, plastic surgery, cardiology, gynecology and more. Allowing you travel and receive your treatments with tranquility and prevention.

Jun 18 2019

HOA D&O Liability for Board of Directors and Administration Staff

An Errors and Omissions insurance policy is specifically designed for board members and administrators of homeowner’s associations in Mexico to cover the damages they could make to third parties, mainly against homeowners which may cause them to take action against their board members.

Jul 02 2019

CYBER in Focus

New technologies continue to have a tremendous impact on how, when, and where people make purchases, but they also open businesses up to vulnerabilities that leave them susceptible to a variety of cyber attacks and privacy-related claims.

Aug 06 2019
Dial in Mexico

New way to dial in Mexico

According to the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT for its acronyms in Spanish) since August 3rd, the way we dial in Mexico has been changed. Now it will be much easier.

Aug 19 2019

Reforestation in Mexico.

Mexico is a country that has a great biodiversity thanks to its different types of climates and reliefs making it one of the best countries with natural wealth, even when it comes to reforestation its land gives us effectiveness and optimal response with favorable Results.

Aug 27 2019

Lightning damage insurance coverage.

Fire is one of the most destructive accidents that occur in a home or establishment, coverage against fire is one of the principal coverages in Home Insurance, highlighting coverage against a lightning strike resulting in a fire in the home.

Sep 10 2019
Fiestas  Patrias

Celebrate Independence of Mexico.

September is a beautiful month in Mexico. It is the Patrio, meaning the celebration of the founding of Mexico’s Independence. It’s a time to celebrate Mexico’s deep traditions and culture and the celebration of its Independence day on September 15th which starts with the “Grito de Dolores“.

Sep 24 2019

Insurance HOA, What you need to know before you buy it.

Knowing how to create a policy for an HOA is important for the care and security of your condos assets. Management of condominium regulations and understanding the risks involved with insurance needs, financing, operating accounts and emergency funds, can be an overwhelming task. Approaching a HOA expert can help you turn this exercise into a positive learning experience.

Oct 08 2019

Novamar president of International Insurance Broker Congress.

Novamar is proud to announce that our Director General, Mr. Roberto Castellanos Omaña, was appointed president of the XII International Congress of the Association of Insurance and Bonds AMASFAC 2019.

Oct 10 2019

World´s most important fishing tournament.

The Bisbee´s Fishing Tournament was started in 1981 for Bob Bisbee. It started as the Black & Blue Marlin Tournament in which there were only six teams and a $10,000 prize. Now this tournament has more than 150 teams and millions of dollars at stake. Live the experience of being just one "marlin" away from being a millionaire...

Oct 24 2019
Insurance Airbnb

Decrease your risks.

The collaborative economy is the new way of doing business. One of the most successful examples is Airbnb. Renting a short-term home through this platform seems like an easy way to get fast cash without so much work or investment, especially with the growing popularity of vacation rentals. However, despite the numbers demonstrating its economic benefits at full scale, this business model has become a challenge for prevention.

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Novamar Insurance México