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Sep 22 2015
beware dengue fever

Beware: Dengue Fever

This article provides comprehensive information regarding the Dengue Fever Virus & Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF). It outlines prevention, symptoms and warning signs,treatment, etc. of Dengue. If you are an expat living abroad, or planing a trip to a foreign country,especially exotic tropical locations, it is best to be informed.

Sep 29 2015

How do you prevent Chikungunya?

This article contains up-to-date Chikungunya updates issued from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and will likely be updated more in the future. Besides the updates, this article contains comprehensive information regarding all aspects of Chikungunya, so that people living in and traveling to endemic areas can stay informed.

Dec 08 2015

Does Medicare/Medigap Coverage really cover you in Mexico?

There is a common assumption among United States citizens that their Medicare health insurance policy will cover them while they are traveling and/or living abroad. This assumption is very wrong, and can end up being very costly.

Mar 01 2016
Health Insurance in Mexico

Are There Any Elite Health Insurance Companies in Mexico?

Much is said about the quality of insurance companies in Mexico and whether or not they will meet or exceed the level of coverage and service that companies in the U.S. offer.

Apr 02 2019
Fitness Food

Take charge of your well being!

Throughout our lives it is important to develop good health habits through exercise and diet. Excess consumption of high fat and sugary foods creates stress to our bodies which leads to unwanted weight gain and the probability of any number of chronic degenerative diseases.

May 07 2019

NOPAL Traditional Food in the Mexican diet.

Mexico is the main producer and consumer of Nopal (Opuntia ficus-indica) worldwide. Learn about the benefits of a diet that includes Nopal!

Jun 04 2019

Cocoa and its benifits

Before understanding the benefits that cocoa provides it’s important to know some-thing about this amazing fruit and where it originated.

Jun 11 2019


Along with the annual rainy season come the famous Chapulines, one of Mexico’s gastronomic delicacies.

Jul 09 2019

Meet the best drink to stay hydrated this summer.

Do you know the great benefit that Coconut Water brings and counts it as the best hydrating drink? Now that you are informed.

Jul 16 2019

How to cope Andropause and Menopause in Mexico.

Developing a lifelong healthy lifestyle by balancing exercise and diet before and during menopause or andropause provides a strong base for having the least complications during these and later stages in life.

Aug 12 2019
Mexican Food

Food most consumed in Mexican nutrition.

Let us talk a little about the most ingested food products in Mexico and learn some of the benefits that these bring to our body.

Sep 17 2019
Mexican Snacks

Mexican snacks the healthy version.

We are in the month where we cannot resist the holidays and much less Mexican snacks, but that will not be a reason not to eat any of them. We found for you a variety of versions to prepare your dishes, making them healthier with a lower intake of fat and carbohydrates than they normally would be if no modification was made.

Oct 31 2019

´´Amaranto´´ food richness in Mexico.

Mexico and its food wonders since pre-Hispanic times. One of them is undoubtedly the seed of Amaranto, which is considered a food with high nutritional quality and as one of the most widespread crops for more than four thousand years in Mexican lands . It has had had great relevance in the religion as it was traditionally presented as an offering in pre-Hispanic cultures.

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Novamar Insurance México